Miss Scarlett O'Hara...


These last few pictures are from Halloween when I was obsessed with Miss Scarlett (and still am), so I thought they were too funny not to share. I had my grandma make this costume from the Opening Scene in Gone With The Wind. I loved it so much and I wish I would have known how to smile at this point... little rough haha.
Good Morning Guys! I can't even begin to tell you how much I relate and love Scarlett O' Hara. My whole life she has been one of my favorite characters. Not only is Gone With The Wind my favorite book, but also my favorite movie. I got inspiration from her black mourning dress. For those of you who don't know, Scarlett was supposed to be mourning in all black. Miss O' Hara was not interested in that at all. So... of course I had to wear a pop of pink to honor her. If you haven't read or seen Gone With The Wind, YOU HAVE TO! 


Ruffles and Velvet...


Happy Tuesday y'all! I hope you are all adjusting to going back to work/school after the long weekend... I'm for sure struggling. I wore this look a little while ago when I was out with my girlfriends for the weekend. It was super cute and I got a lot of complements on it. Two of the biggest trends this season were for sure velvet and ruffles. Velvet booties were very popular and I wore these so much this winter!! I hope they stay in fashion!

Top- H&M but sold out :(  (love this style here and here)
Jeans- Paige (ON SALE)
Booties-Steve Madden (also on major sale!) Highly recommend getting a pair of these. They're awesome.

Hope everyone has a good day!
XOXO, Ruby


A Few Of My Favorite Things...

My personal heaven is when babies get out of the tub and smell like baby lotion!

I love the smell of bleach because it remind me of things being clean!

Bruschetta... SO.FREAKING.AMAZING (best bruschetta I've ever had is in Scotland)

I know I'm so weird... but garlic is my go to lol

Easily my favorite movie ever!

I LOVE BRIGHT LIPSTICKS! They will always be an essential part to my everyday wardrobe. I 
love them because they are so simple to just wear without any makeup and you can still look so put together. My favorites are purples and bright pinks! Some of my favorites here and here

My go-to... all day, everyday!!!!!

Traveling is the best. I love understanding and getting a better understanding of other countries culture. And I'm a big fan of the food :)))

For those of you who don't know, this Toby Keith. My favorite country artist ever, I even named my truck after him lol. If you're not a fan of country music, go listen to him and I'm sure you'll change your mind.

History in school has always been my favorite subject. I've always found it so interesting.

I kinda feel like my spirit animal is Brooke Davis... I just started this for the second time and it's so good.

Who doesn't love the Office? I can't stop laughing every episode.

Of Course, Books and reading!!!!

I thought you guys would like to get to know me a bit better! What are some of your random but favorite things?

XOXO, Ruby


Pink and Edgy...


Hi guys! We're now officially half way through the week!!! I wanted to share this look because I love combining different styles that look so cool and either dress outfits down or dress them up. This outfit takes a very fancy dress and dresses it down with a edgy and casual tee. Also, disclaimer... I forgot shoes to wear with this outfit so I had to throw these on with it so they don't really match lol.

Dress- ASOS but sold out :(   (Similar one here
Shirt- Buckle (super old)   Similar Here

Thanks for stopping by!

Miss Hilly Holbrook...


HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! This is an inspired look from one of my all time favorite books, The Help. I can't put into words how beautiful it was written and how it completely changed my perspective on everything. I have always found the 1950's-1960's so interesting and so upsetting at the same time because I can't even begin to imagine the difficulty and trials that these African-Americans went through. One of the many reasons I found this book so interesting is because of the different perspective that I had never even considered. Kathryn Stockett does an amazing job making you feel like you're part of this time period. The Help has love, trials, history, humor, and of course chocolate pie :) I don't think I can recommend this book more. If you're not a reader, read until you are one. There is seriously nothing better than reading a book you can't put down.

Anyway, this outfit is inspired by the one and only Miss Hilly Holbrook. Although, she isn't my favorite person in the world... her outfits are. I love this style because it can be worn in the spring and everyone has similar pieces in their closet. I mean colorblock open heels, are you kidding me? They are a must for spring and summer outfits.

Top- I got this top on sale at anthropologie but they don't carry it anymore. This is the designer
Heels- Nordstrom ( I want one of these in every color! ) ( Taller heel version Here )
Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters ( Only $10!!!!)  Splurge Version Here
Purse- I received this bag as a present and I couldn't find it anywhere... but I love this one

P.S. One of my favorite stories ever is when my mom chose to read this book for her book club before it was a popular book. In her book club, when it was your turn to host and choose the book, you were supposed to make a dessert to go with it. My mom chose to make her famous chocolate pie... if you read the book (or watch the movie) you can come back and laugh at this ;)

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