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HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! This is an inspired look from one of my all time favorite books, The Help. I can't put into words how beautiful it was written and how it completely changed my perspective on everything. I have always found the 1950's-1960's so interesting and so upsetting at the same time because I can't even begin to imagine the difficulty and trials that these African-Americans went through. One of the many reasons I found this book so interesting is because of the different perspective that I had never even considered. Kathryn Stockett does an amazing job making you feel like you're part of this time period. The Help has love, trials, history, humor, and of course chocolate pie :) I don't think I can recommend this book more. If you're not a reader, read until you are one. There is seriously nothing better than reading a book you can't put down.

Anyway, this outfit is inspired by the one and only Miss Hilly Holbrook. Although, she isn't my favorite person in the world... her outfits are. I love this style because it can be worn in the spring and everyone has similar pieces in their closet. I mean colorblock open heels, are you kidding me? They are a must for spring and summer outfits.

Top- I got this top on sale at anthropologie but they don't carry it anymore. This is the designer
Heels- Nordstrom ( I want one of these in every color! ) ( Taller heel version Here )
Sunglasses-Urban Outfitters ( Only $10!!!!)  Splurge Version Here
Purse- I received this bag as a present and I couldn't find it anywhere... but I love this one

P.S. One of my favorite stories ever is when my mom chose to read this book for her book club before it was a popular book. In her book club, when it was your turn to host and choose the book, you were supposed to make a dessert to go with it. My mom chose to make her famous chocolate pie... if you read the book (or watch the movie) you can come back and laugh at this ;)

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  1. Ok, so I was going to say this was one of my favorite books.. and almost called it on facebook.
    Secret life of Bees is also one of my favorite books. You look beautiful