Here and There + 14 Things...


Hi Everyone!!!
         This week has been crazy busy so I thought I would share some pictures that my AMAZING AND SUPER talented friend took of me awhile back. I can't believe I never posted them so I thought I would share them with you. Also, I thought I would share a few random things I have been thinking about...
1.  I usually can get tan pretty quickly, but I have been looking for a good self tanner that can help even out tans and help get a little darker and I have found my favorite. St. Tropez is seriously amazing!!
2. I seriously LOVE living in Las Vegas. I love traveling but it always feels so good to come home and be able to go get food whenever because everything is always open! I love it. Minus the heat, that kinda sucks:)
3. My family has a boat and the more I think about it the more I realize some of my favorite and most vivid memories come from being on the boat.
4. Speaking of the boat, I was tubing and hit some pocket in the air and flew 12 feet in the air. I remember starting to fall and being really confused until I landed on my head and couldn't sit up in the water. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but I bit my tongue and had the biggest headache. It was horrible.
5. I'm rewatching One Tree Hill  right now and I love it even more than the first time I watched it. I feel like I'm Brooke and love everything about her. Sophia Bush is the person that plays her and she's seriously the coolest ever!!!
6. I want to get a job so I can waste ALL of my money on these Valentino's because they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen.
7. Amazon Prime is amazing.
8. I have a ridiculous obsession with online shopping. It's reallyyyyy bad, but I just get so giddy when I get a new package lol. My dad will never admit it, but I think he's the same way. Just with Amazon...
9. We get at least a package a day from Amazon.
10. We are completely renovating my house right now so we have no kitchen, nowhere to sit, and our house always smells like chalk. Ugh I'm so ready for it to be done.
11. I'm going to California with one of my besties this weekend and I'm so excited to miss school and lay on the beach!
12. I'm planning to go to my dream school! The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) It's seriously so amazing and beautiful.
13. I drive my dream car and seriously think of it as my child ahah. 
14. There is nothing better than windows down with super loud music. It's my favorite ever.

Jeans- Nordstrom

Boots-Sam Edelman ( these are super cheap right now and the best fall boots ever!)

Kate Spade Bag- This is soon old but when I first started my blog has pictures with this bag and they're the best things ever! I'll link them herehere, and here

Hope you all have a great day!!!!
XOXO, Ruby


Summer Essentials...


ALL UNDER 100!!!


(I'm seriously loving this swimsuit and I want to order it so so bad!)





{123, 4, 5,6}

Happy Friday Everyone!
      I hope everyone is excited for a warm, sunny weekend! I love looking at summer things and all I want is to buy every single swimsuit,coverup, and beach bag I see haha. They are all so amazing and must haves. Especially if they are under $100 ;) This weekend I will be redoing all of my room and putting in a built in closet from Ikea that I am so excited about!!! I'll try to have a blog post up for all of you to see. It should be done this weekend and I can't wait to organize everything and make it all look perfect. I hope all of you have an amazing weekend. I would love for you to comment what your plans are for this weekend and any suggestions you have for this blog or anything specific you would like to see more of. I would love to hear all of your ideas and opinions!!!

XOXO, Ruby


Red Bows...


                   Hi Guys! We've been out on our boat a lot lately and it has been so much fun but is making it so much harder to get through these last few weeks of school... ugh! I have been buying wayyyyy too many swimsuits this year but this is one of my favorites for sure! And, it's 25% off right now which is the perfect reason you should buy it! This swim suit is so flattering and perfect for boating weather... for multiple reasons:

1. It's so flattering and has great coverage so you'll never have to worry about anything popping out while wakeboarding.

2. The reason I always wear one pieces is because a few years ago I was tubbing on my friends boat and I was wearing a two piece. We stopped the boat so I was just hanging off and chilling on the back  of the tube. All of a sudden the driver started to go super fast and my bottoms dropped to my ankles and I was just trying to keep them on while my full butt is out. Luckily, it was only girls on the tube, so one of my friends was holding on to the handle while trying to reach down and keep my swim suit from going to the bottom of lake mead hhahaah. I couldn't stop laughing lol seriously one of my favorite stories lol

Swimsuit-J-Crew (ON SALE!!!)



Gingham Fun...


Happy Tuesday!!!!!!
         As I'm writing this, I'm dreaming about how much better tomorrow is going to be when I ditch school to go out on my boat :))))) As the year gets closer to being over, I am starting to get so so tired of it and seriously cannot wait for it to be over! Also, this is seriously one of my favorite Spring shirts that I bought and it's under $20!! I seriously love the website I got it from and it has the cutest clothes for really cheap. I would for sure go and check them out.
Top- SHEIN (Under $20!!!)
Jeans- Nordstrom (similar style here)
Sandals- Sam Edelman   these are super cute,but honestly not my favorites. The beads are pretty annoying and they make a lot of noise which I don't love :(
Hope everyone has a great day!


Ruffles and Bell Sleeves...


Happy Hump Day!!

           I posted a picture of this outfit already on my insta (@rubydraayer) but I thought it was so cute I would need to post it on my blog too, in much better quality haha. I was so excited it was going to be a little cold so I could wear a long sleeve again. I wore this shirt last winter so many times and it's still one of my favorite shirts I've ever owned. Except for when the sleeves sometimes get in the way of things lol. I hope you love ruffles and bell sleeves as much as I do!!

Shirt-Nordstrom but old and sold out   (similar on sale style here and here)

Skirt- Topshop  (also in this color)

XOXO, Ruby 


Pink Sparkles...


Hey guys!!! I HAVE PINK HAIR!!!!!
I'm so happy and loving it and can't wait until i'm in the sun 24/7 so it will get super light and then will look even better :))) I had to wear this shirt because it looks exactly like the stuff i put in my hair haha. If you look closely at some of the pictures you can see how pink my finger tips are. 
Also, if anyone has any suggestions for semi-permanent pink hair chalk or anything like that, I would love to hear it!
Top- Urban Outfitters (this is old and I couldn't find it anywhere but here are some that are similar Urban O  and here
Black Pants- Urban Outfitters (these are a little different but the same idea)
Shoes- Rebecca Minkoff (MAJOR SALE!!!! BUY THESE SHOES) I have worn these out like crazy and I love them so much. I highly recommend getting them!
XO, Ruby


Crimson Prom #2


I really wanted a picture of me running to do the Dirty Dancing lift
in heels... and a tight dress hahah

" I am 16, going on 17..."

I kinda feel like 96% of the time the before takes are better than the 
actual posed picture

Happy Freakin' May everyone!

        Vegas was lucky enough to get 87 degree weather today and its just the tip of the iceberg ugh! Anyway, THIS WAS MY SECOND LOOK FOR PROM AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! We decided that we wanted to do a cheap dance that was simple so we could actually go to our school dance. It was seriously so much fun! One of my girlfriends, the cute blond in the lavender dress, came over and we got ready together and it was so fun. I did her makeup with this purple pallete and I have to say I don't know if I have ever been more proud of myself lol. 

          I originally bought this dress as a back up for the dress that I was supposed to wear for the first Prom (total disaster!!!) When we started to plan this second prom I was so glad that I had it and was so comfy and perfect to dance in. I wanted to not over power the dress with too much jewelry or makeup so I went for light tans and browns and only earrings, a small ring, and a matching bracelet. I thought it was the perfect combo and I don't think I would have done anything different including wearing this bra again. This might be a TMI but I ordered this bra because I had no idea what kind of bra I was supposed to wear with a backless dress ( its not pictured but my dress was completely backless.) I hurried to the site where all good things come from, AMAZON. I must have been out of it when I ordered it because I don't remember thinking it was going to come and be like glue with clasps. My whole family kept telling me that they looked like little chicken cutlets, it was one of the highlights of the night for sure hahah. I think that's enough information for now :)) I'm suffering a little post prom depression, luckily I still have 2 more years!!

Also, I can't recommend getting your special occasion dresses from anywhere else but ASOS. I ordered my homecoming dress and both of my prom dresses off of there and they are seriously amazing.

Dress- ASOS (under $40 for a prom dress is insane)

Shoes- DSW, Mix No.6 (these are pretty old so the closest shoes I could find are herehere, and here)

Hope everyone has a great day!!

XOXO, Ruby