Here and There + 14 Things...


Hi Everyone!!!
         This week has been crazy busy so I thought I would share some pictures that my AMAZING AND SUPER talented friend took of me awhile back. I can't believe I never posted them so I thought I would share them with you. Also, I thought I would share a few random things I have been thinking about...
1.  I usually can get tan pretty quickly, but I have been looking for a good self tanner that can help even out tans and help get a little darker and I have found my favorite. St. Tropez is seriously amazing!!
2. I seriously LOVE living in Las Vegas. I love traveling but it always feels so good to come home and be able to go get food whenever because everything is always open! I love it. Minus the heat, that kinda sucks:)
3. My family has a boat and the more I think about it the more I realize some of my favorite and most vivid memories come from being on the boat.
4. Speaking of the boat, I was tubing and hit some pocket in the air and flew 12 feet in the air. I remember starting to fall and being really confused until I landed on my head and couldn't sit up in the water. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but I bit my tongue and had the biggest headache. It was horrible.
5. I'm rewatching One Tree Hill  right now and I love it even more than the first time I watched it. I feel like I'm Brooke and love everything about her. Sophia Bush is the person that plays her and she's seriously the coolest ever!!!
6. I want to get a job so I can waste ALL of my money on these Valentino's because they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen.
7. Amazon Prime is amazing.
8. I have a ridiculous obsession with online shopping. It's reallyyyyy bad, but I just get so giddy when I get a new package lol. My dad will never admit it, but I think he's the same way. Just with Amazon...
9. We get at least a package a day from Amazon.
10. We are completely renovating my house right now so we have no kitchen, nowhere to sit, and our house always smells like chalk. Ugh I'm so ready for it to be done.
11. I'm going to California with one of my besties this weekend and I'm so excited to miss school and lay on the beach!
12. I'm planning to go to my dream school! The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) It's seriously so amazing and beautiful.
13. I drive my dream car and seriously think of it as my child ahah. 
14. There is nothing better than windows down with super loud music. It's my favorite ever.

Jeans- Nordstrom

Boots-Sam Edelman ( these are super cheap right now and the best fall boots ever!)

Kate Spade Bag- This is soon old but when I first started my blog has pictures with this bag and they're the best things ever! I'll link them herehere, and here

Hope you all have a great day!!!!
XOXO, Ruby

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