Pink Sparkles...


Hey guys!!! I HAVE PINK HAIR!!!!!
I'm so happy and loving it and can't wait until i'm in the sun 24/7 so it will get super light and then will look even better :))) I had to wear this shirt because it looks exactly like the stuff i put in my hair haha. If you look closely at some of the pictures you can see how pink my finger tips are. 
Also, if anyone has any suggestions for semi-permanent pink hair chalk or anything like that, I would love to hear it!
Top- Urban Outfitters (this is old and I couldn't find it anywhere but here are some that are similar Urban O  and here
Black Pants- Urban Outfitters (these are a little different but the same idea)
Shoes- Rebecca Minkoff (MAJOR SALE!!!! BUY THESE SHOES) I have worn these out like crazy and I love them so much. I highly recommend getting them!
XO, Ruby

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