Red Bows...


                   Hi Guys! We've been out on our boat a lot lately and it has been so much fun but is making it so much harder to get through these last few weeks of school... ugh! I have been buying wayyyyy too many swimsuits this year but this is one of my favorites for sure! And, it's 25% off right now which is the perfect reason you should buy it! This swim suit is so flattering and perfect for boating weather... for multiple reasons:

1. It's so flattering and has great coverage so you'll never have to worry about anything popping out while wakeboarding.

2. The reason I always wear one pieces is because a few years ago I was tubbing on my friends boat and I was wearing a two piece. We stopped the boat so I was just hanging off and chilling on the back  of the tube. All of a sudden the driver started to go super fast and my bottoms dropped to my ankles and I was just trying to keep them on while my full butt is out. Luckily, it was only girls on the tube, so one of my friends was holding on to the handle while trying to reach down and keep my swim suit from going to the bottom of lake mead hhahaah. I couldn't stop laughing lol seriously one of my favorite stories lol

Swimsuit-J-Crew (ON SALE!!!)


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